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Hi, my name is Diana. If you are here, you have decided to organize your wedding in Italy, a country loved by all of us for its beautiful music, delicious wine, exquisite cuisine and luxurious architecture.


Edelweiss Weddings takes care of the organization of weddings and special events, creates personalized wedding invitations and takes care of all the services related to the printed paper and necessary to make even the small details of your day elegant and creative. With us your wedding will have an extra personal touch. We are always looking for new inspiration, to make your event

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We always try to ensure that the organization of your wedding is perfect and that every little detail is addressed with professionalism and experience ...


From this day forward, You no longer have to walk alone. My heart will be your refuge, And my arms will be your home.

-Marianne Williamson

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Edelweiss Weddings is dedicated to the creation of exclusive wedding invitations and takes care of all services related to the production of prints.

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